Electronic music. Quite a vague term, isn’t it? Ministry of Sound is an electronic music venue but in a sense, surely every venue in London is an electronic music venue. There don’t seem to be many acoustic guitar parties on these days. Tragically, the London lute scene is almost non-existent. And though you and your housemates have been spending night after night shut inside at home, slapping away on pots, pans and upturned bins like your lives depend upon it, deep down you know you’re never going to get hired by the producers of Stomp. That thing is a racket. A closed shop. So clear up that rubbish and get yourself a new dream.

What we can say with absolute clarity and confidence is that when it comes to electronic music venues, Ministry of Sound is by far London’s most iconic, its most instantly recognisable. Sure, The Scala is a grand old venue. But it doesn’t have at least three southern fried chicken shops named after it in North London, does it? There is no ‘Bush Hall of Vape’ in Great Yarmouth. There aren’t 357 active copyright infringement cases surrounding the misuse of the Islington Assembly Hall logo. When it comes to a club with real identity – not to mention more than 30 years of rave history – there isn’t an events venue in London that can hold a(n electric) candle to us.

Whether you’re planning a late night out in London seeking house DJs, techno tag-teams, UK garage MCs, drum & bass legends, reach-for-the-lasers tech-house anthems, amapiano superstars, Afrobeats rhythms, hip-hop aficionados or glitter-gargling disco dance squads, Ministry of Sound tends to have you covered. Want proof? Check out our listings page and scan ahead through the next few months. Whatever you want, we’ll have it, as long as it’s not ‘Wonderwall’, lute music or a West End musical about acrobats slapping bin lids together.

Tickets for our shows usually go on sale well in advance of the night itself, so you can lock in plans with your mates in the group chat and work from there. As a general rule of thumb, the earlier you buy them, the cheaper the tickets are – so forward planning works wonders. Equally, if you’re more of a spur-of-the-moment type – i.e. you’re literally out somewhere in London right now, three pints deep and looking for a motive – we’ll always be happy to welcome you on the door, as long as you come correct and don’t make things stressful.

However vague the term might be, there’s no doubt that electronic music is enjoying a bit of a ‘moment’. Dance floor culture is now fully global and just as we have done for the last three decades, Ministry of Sound still pulls in the world’s greatest DJ talent, booking them to play for your pleasure alongside the freshest new names on the London club scene and a heroic host of returning regulars.

Not only have we been London’s home of electronic music since we opened in 1991, we have helped grow and shape the scene itself, not just in London, not just in the UK but all over the world. From Barcelona to Buenos Aires, our name precedes us: and every weekend we welcome guests from all corners of the globe through our fabled doors.

We guess electronic music wouldn’t be electronic music without the electronic equipment that the noises and lights come out of. In that regard, Ministry of Sound is supremely well placed. Our main room The Box is renowned the world over for the power and clarity of its sound system, while the array of lasers and lights that accompany each soaring house chord and plummeting depth charge of dubstep sub-bass will leave you reeling, pushing you on into places other night clubs will never take you.

So, when it comes to picking the right electronic music venue the next time you’re looking to stay up late, loud in London, hopefully this has persuaded you of the right decision to make. To not stay home. To not just pub. To not hit the afters prematurely. To not settle for anything other than the very best: late-night London’s world-famous Ministry of Sound.